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The Storm that Stopped A True Story About Who Jesus Really Is

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Author: Alison Mitchell

Author Website:

Illustrator: Catalina Echeverri

Publisher: The Good Book for Children

ISBN: 978-1-91030-796-0

Word Count: 559

Published: 2016

This story is perfect for ages: 2-4, 4-6

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Another GEM in the series:

“A True Story About Who Jesus Really Is”

After surviving a great storm on the Sea of Galilea, the 12 disciples dare to ask the question:
“Who is Jesus?” Mark 4

Alison Mitchell has the creative gift of retelling a story and relating deep spiritual truth, so a child can understand. The rhythm of the text builds excitement to the point of crisis as the boat is sinking in the mighty storm.

She brings to light that the trip across the Sea of Galilea was really intended as a moment of teaching for the disciples so they could understand:

“Who is this man that the waves and the wind obey him?”

Scriptural Underpinnings & Positive Themes

You can see the terror on the faces of the disciples, caught in a great storm on the Sea of Galilee.  You can see Jesus, resting in the Father, sawing logs in the boat! Zzzzzz!  What a contrast. As storms and dark days hit us in life, we need to know – just like the disciples – that His presence will preserve us through any storm. Psalm 23, Isaiah 43:1-2

The Twelve were still confused about Jesus. They had not yet understood that He is God.
John 17:11-12, John 10:30


Delightful! Fantastic! Illustrations that move with the text! Echeverri is so very talented at capturing emotion in a whimsical way.

The scenes of the the boat caught in the middle of the violent storm, in the middle of the great sea, pull you in as if you were there with the disciples struggling to stay afloat.

When the crowd is too big on the shore of the Galilee, we see the people pushing and shoving each other, trying to see Jesus better. Just like people today push and shove to get ahead.

Echeverri’s sense of humor permeates every illustration. When the disciples are fighting the waves and the rain, Jesus is snoring in the back of the boat. He is in peace, they are screaming and throwing their arms in the air! It’s a picture of us when we pass through trouble.

For the analytical kids, there are scientific illustrations. The Wind O’Meter, Wave O’Meter, Sink O’Meter, and Panic O’Meter. Rendered as percentages and bar graphs, kids will get the humor of when one should panic!

The Grand Finale lies in the last three illustrations, logic diagramming that Jesus is God. Ingenious!
It is the answer to the question asked at the beginning:

“Who is this that even the wind and waves obey Him?”


The disciples, people, Jesus and even the boat are all representative of Jewish people and culture in Israel at that time.

Extra, Extra

Each Children’s Book, published by The Good Book for Children, includes a brief explanation of the scriptures addressed in each story. So helpful for the one reading or teaching from the Book!

The End of the Matter
5/5 waves

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YES, YES! This is an Aunty Lulav Favorite!

Publisher: The Good Book for Children
ISBN: 978-1-91030-796-0
Word Count: 559
Published: 2016

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