Worm Weather

Wave the LuLav 3/5 waves

Author: Jean Taft

Author Website:

Illustrator: Matt Hunt

Publisher: Grosset Dunlap

ISBN: 978-0-448-48740-3

Word Count: 69

Published: 2015

This story is perfect for ages: 0-2, 2-4

Straight from Aunty LuLav

Worm Weather is a lively spring time poem. Simple and lyrical the rhyme carries us through the day with a sister and brother and a spring rain storm. It’s just what worms enjoy!

The spring rain starts as they are on their way home rushing on busy sidewalks. Once home, mom and the kids put on their jackets and take a walk in the rain.

When the thunder & lightening start, the family takes cover in a pizza shop.

Afterward, the sun breaks through, the rainbow comes, and everyone heads to the playground.

Although rain and mud and puddles and lightning can be a bother for some people, these kids and the worms clearly love it.

This is a simple lyrical book for a younger child.

Scriptural Underpinnings & Positive Themes

LOVE & CONNECTEDNESS – Every page is filled with happiness between the siblings and mom. I like the fact the family is not afraid to take a walk in the rain and experience the wonder of rainy weather. Today, I think we keep our children inside too much, preventing them from experiencing the simple pleasures of splashing in puddles and worms poking out of the ground.


The illustrations feel vintage in nature, reminiscent of the 1960s style. The Worms are present in almost every picture, coming out to enjoy the rain. They are not really a main character but are always present in the illustrations.


The family consists of a brother and sister and mother, all Caucasian. At the pizza shop, is an African American mom and her daughter. At the playground an Asian dad and his daughter join the fun. The setting has an urban feel, with busy sidewalks and yet a big field and park for running, splashing and puddle jumping,

The End of the Matter
3/5 waves

Simple Spring Rain Shower Adventure!

Publisher: Grosset Dunlap
ISBN: 978-0-448-48740-3
Word Count: 69
Published: 2015


  • Susan Beth Furst

    Lovely website and a lovely book for your first review. Hmmmmm a story about worms, rain and happiness, sounds like my kind of book! And multi-ethnic too!! I also love that you commented on the illustrations, these are so important to a children’s picture book. I give your review and your website, Two Thumbs Up!!

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