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    and then it’s spring

    If you love books celebrating the seasons of the earth, this one is for you. The text is simple, gentle, and unassuming, just like this special time of year. A little boy, with his pets, the dog, the bunny and the turtle, plant seeds in the earth in the “brown” of late Winter. They patiently wait for rain and signs of growth and the “green” of Spring to arrive. The precious seeds hit some bumps in the road, as the groggy bears stomp them, and the songbirds feast on them, but eventually the miracle of growth materializes and Spring arrives in all of its “greenness.”

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    Worm Weather

    Worm Weather is a lively spring time poem. Simple and lyrical the rhyme carries us through the day with a sister and brother and a spring rain storm. It’s just what worms enjoy! The spring rain starts as they are on their way home rushing on busy sidewalks. Once home, mom and the kids put on their jackets and take a walk in the rain. When the thunder & lightening start, the family takes cover in a pizza shop. Afterward, the sun breaks through, the rainbow comes, and everyone heads to the playground. Although rain and mud and puddles and lightning can be a bother for some people, these kids…

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    Little Blue Truck’s Springtime

    Is there anyone out there who does not love a Lift-The-Flap book?  Little Blue Truck takes us on another adventure of a springtime ride through the countryside. His good friend Toad is driving, greeting friends and neighbors. This is a sturdy Board Book with eight scenes and a rhyming, simple text. Toad drives Little Blue, as they greet their friends Sheep, and Cow, and Bunny and Hen. Each of their friends have a spring time surprise to share, babies born to every one. As Toad and Little Blue drive along, they are joined one by one by other toad friends, wearing flower crowns and filling the cargo bed with flowers.…

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    In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb

    Welcome spring with a lovely book of simile and contrast of a lion and a lamb.  This book is for an older child (5-8), able to understand the concept of simile. Bauer creates a lovely flow to the month of March, entering with snow and wind, mud and rain like a ferocious lion. “March comes with a roar.He rattles your windows and scratches at your door.” A boy becomes the lion’s companion, in the cold and mud, awaiting the big change! Halfway through, we see warmth coming, as birds appear at feeders, and the trees bloom in pink flowers. This causes our lion to sneeze ACHOOO – ushering in the…