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    Mrs. Huggins and Her Hen Hannah

    Mrs. Huggins and Hannah the Hen are best friends who do everything together. Living in a cottage, they farm together, clean, bake, shop and enjoy a warm fire each evening. One day, Hannah becomes ill and Mrs. Huggins can not nurse her back to health. Hannah dies and Mrs Huggins mourns deeply. Then one morning, Mrs Huggins hears a tiny surprise in Hannah’s nest, a hatching egg, a tiny chick!

  • Book,  Oldie But Goodies

    Room for a Little One

    Room for a Little One is one small slice of the Christmas story. A slow and gentle book, it is perfect for cuddling up to read.  One moment builds upon another until the stable is full of friends and Jesus is born. On a cold night, Old Dog peers inside a stable looking for a safe place to rest. Kind Ox who lives in the stable, invites him in, as there is “always room for a little one.”  Stray Cat and Small Mouse also come looking for warmth and safety. Each time, they are invited in to rest. The natural enemies promises no harm, only friendship. They all cuddle up…

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    The Book of Jonah

    Here is the Book of Jonah in ALL its glory!  Caldecott Winner – Peter Spier, retells the story, savoring every detail of this watery tale. Spier captures every argument, every temper tantrum, and every moment of repentance in his magnificent illustrations. I cannot hide it; I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Peter Spier’s work. The illustrations are simple, yet rich in tiny details and subplots. He is the creator of many wordless books, allowing the pictures to tell the story. The word count is high (1009) in the Book of Jonah, requiring a longer attention span for listening. However, the illustrations will engage the imaginations of younger children. In the back of…

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    Noah’s Ark

    Do you have a child who likes to sit and study and ponder? Do you have a child who enjoys searching out the fine details? Here is a book that will satisfy. OH – the HUMOR of Spier’s retelling of Noah’s Ark in illustration. No words are necessary because the whimsical illustrations speak volumes. From the calling of Noah, to the building of the ark, the gathering of animals, the storm, the flood, and the olive branch delivery, a child can “see” the story unfold.  Genesis chapters 6-8 Communal living can be difficult; try it with bees and elephants and alligators. Many mouths to feed, many stalls to clean, babies…

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    This is a gentle story of a little girl reflecting on the wonder of snow. Snow comes in many ways, like the soft snow that comes while you sleep or the type with fat and cheerful snowflakes that sends you home from school. We follow her through early dismissal from school, to playing and making snow angels with friends and catching snowflakes on their tongues. Cynthia Rylant’s text is soft and lilting, just like the floating snowflakes themselves. Unique and rhythmic, if you are quiet, you can feel the snowy moments as you read. There is a wistfulness in the text as Rylant compares snow to life. Nothing lasts forever…