Straight from Aunty LuLav

I want to encourage all my Mommas out there! You have a lovely voice!

Now – all of us may not be singers, in the formal sense. Some of us may only sing in the shower or while driving the car. But I want you to know that your voice is precious.

Your voice is INDISPENSABLE.

Indispensable. What a strange way to describe a voice. Nonetheless, it is true.

You see, your voice, was the very first sound that your child ever heard. Your voice, your tone, your words, your melody reverberated through the waters and your tiny child experienced that sound within you. Your voice bathed them for 9 months of development and was the first sound they recognized as they entered into this world.

Your voice has surrounded them from the beginning. Your voice is indispensable.

You may not be aware, but what we see and hear and experience, becomes encoded into the cellular fabric of our brain. It becomes encoded into our cells as short-term or long-term memory. Words spoken to us and over us are encoded within us. What is spoken to and over your child, is encoded within them. In a sense it becomes part of them.

Your voice is encoded into their very soul.

We live in an age of Noisy Brains. Overstimulated. Screens constantly speaking.

Inside, our brains flow a relentless river of sound, music, lyric, words, even dialogue from movies. Pictures flow with sound and message. We recall words spoken to us and words spoken over us.

Some of the words are good.
Some of the words are destruction.

The encoding is the same for children, maybe even more so. Our environments are noisy.

YOUR voice, Mom, is indispensable.
Your words are indispensable.

Place them wisely in your child’s environment!

And here is where I come to READ ALOUD. When your child is young, you have a unique opportunity to fill them with good and happy words. You have an opportunity to fill them with the Word of God and words that will strengthen and build them.

Even older children benefit greatly from Read Aloud.

Your voice was and is the first they recognize. The words you read aloud to them are indispensable.

What you speak encodes.
What you speak teaches.
What you speak comforts.
What you speak encourages.
What you speak they recall.

What you speak and read aloud to them is LOVE.

Surround them with words; words of stories from your own heart or words of stories from great children’s books – but choose wisely.

Turn OFF the screens.
Cuddle up together.
Read aloud to them.

Let them hear your voice. Laugh. Love. Teach.
Let your voice surround them again and fill them with good words!

Mom – Your voice is precious.
It’s indispensable.

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