• Aunty Lulav Favorites,  Book

    Our Tree Named Steve

    This is the story of a tree named Steve and his loving family. They grow side-by-side, enjoying the ups and downs of life together. Steve was a swing-holder, hiding place, and third base. He held the laundry and chubby Uncle Chester in the hammock. Steve was there for it all, until one morning, after a storm, Steve was broken in half and had to be cut down. Only his stump remained. This is a story of joy and a story of loss. It is a story of love and a story of family. Ultimately, it is a story of hope in remembering those we lose with happiness.

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    Worm Weather

    Worm Weather is a lively spring time poem. Simple and lyrical the rhyme carries us through the day with a sister and brother and a spring rain storm. It’s just what worms enjoy! The spring rain starts as they are on their way home rushing on busy sidewalks. Once home, mom and the kids put on their jackets and take a walk in the rain. When the thunder & lightening start, the family takes cover in a pizza shop. Afterward, the sun breaks through, the rainbow comes, and everyone heads to the playground. Although rain and mud and puddles and lightning can be a bother for some people, these kids…

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    Thankful is a gentle, lilting book in simple rhyme moving us through the day of a happy family. The girl and her little brother play dress up, tend the garden, and play in the stream.  Each activity highlights something for which to be thankful: “The poet is thankful for words that rhyme. The children for morning story time.” The family members play various roles. We see Mom reading stories to the kids, keeping bees and teaching them how to sew. Dad cooks dinner and joins in the queen’s tea party. In the end, we discover the thing for which to be most thankful is – each other.

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    Early Sunday Morning

    This is a sweet story of a little girl conquering the fear of singing her first solo in church, on Sunday morning. She finds the confidence she needs in the presence and encouragement of her daddy. Denene Millner carries us right into the flow of this happy family, preparing for the big day. Leading up to “Solo Sunday,” everyone has advice on how to overcome fear. The other choir kids sow seeds of doubt when they ridicule her voice. Mommy speaks confidence to her heart, pointing the focus of her song toward heaven. This story is rich with family routines preparing for church like hairdos and dresses and lunch prepared…