You Choose

Straight from Aunty LuLav

And God Said  . . . .

. . . “Let There Be Light”

And there was light.

WORDS left the lips of the Living God.

Released into the atmosphere,

they created reality.  


Proverb 18:21 says the “Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue.”

WORDS we release with our mouth, have the power to CREATE LIFE or DEATH.

As Parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, Educators, and Friends, our SPOKEN WORDS bear fruit in the lives of our children.  

We can speak words of praise or criticism. Instruction or anger. Gentleness or aggression. Our choice of words is the message we send to their heart. Life or Death.
Those words will stay.

We know the words we speak over our kids are important,
BUT – what about the WRITTEN WORD?
What about books?

Have you ever read a good book? Have the scenes and characters stayed with you in your imagination? Can you still feel the joy, the heartbreak, the triumph? The words you read are still living there in your thoughts.

Words have power.
They stay.

As we READ BOOKS to our children, we release the words into the air.
Just like Father God, those WORDS have creative power.

This season, when they are small, you have a beautiful opportunity to weave beauty and strength into the life of your child. Be intentional. This season is a gift and it doesn’t last forever. The words you read to them, stay with them.

When you choose books for your children, choose carefully.

Today, angst and social agendas are intentionally being written into the words of the books for our children. Awareness of the existence and love of the God of the Bible is missing.

Read and listen. Hear the words of each book. What is the message to your child?
Know that those words will last within your child.

You get to choose!
Choose joy! Choose strength! Choose Books for Life!

Good News ! JESUS – The Living Word is still alive, still speaking, still bringing LIFE and LIGHT.

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