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    Mrs. Huggins and Her Hen Hannah

    Mrs. Huggins and Hannah the Hen are best friends who do everything together. Living in a cottage, they farm together, clean, bake, shop and enjoy a warm fire each evening. One day, Hannah becomes ill and Mrs. Huggins can not nurse her back to health. Hannah dies and Mrs Huggins mourns deeply. Then one morning, Mrs Huggins hears a tiny surprise in Hannah’s nest, a hatching egg, a tiny chick!

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    I want to encourage all my Mommas out there! You have a lovely voice! Now – all of us may not be singers, in the formal sense. Some of us may only sing in the shower or while driving the car. But I want you to know that your voice is precious. Your voice is INDISPENSABLE. Indispensable. What a strange way to describe a voice. Nonetheless, it is true. THE FIRSTYou see, your voice, was the very first sound that your child ever heard. Your voice, your tone, your words, your melody reverberated through the waters and your tiny child experienced that sound within you. Your voice bathed them for…

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    Goodbye to Goodbyes

    Goodbyes are NEVER easy, Forever Goodbyes, IMPOSSIBLE. But Someone came to make a Way to say Goodbye to Goodbyes forever! In this incredible retelling of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead (John 11), we learn, that for Believers, Goodbye isn’t forever. Goodbye to Goodbyes weaves together the resurrection of Lazarus and the Resurrection of Jesus showing that death for a Believer, is just a temporary goodbye. We see the hope of Heaven and that Jesus truly is the Resurrection and the Life! This book is a gift to the body of Christ, to gently, lovingly teach our children, that in Jesus, lies the promise of resurrection and eternal life. HALLELUJAH!…

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    Don’t Close Your Eyes

    Not exactly the message you would expect for a bedtime story! But this silly twist on the usual bedtime routine of drifting off to sleep, may be exactly the fun your little one will relish. A perfect length for the young crowd, this book, written in rhyme, woos the listener to STAY AWAKE and NOT TO CLOSE THEIR EYES. Bob Hostetler’s humor shines through the text throwing down the gauntlet of the bedtime challenge to sleep or not to sleep. Avoiding sleep is the goal of many a child. The narrator of Don’t Close Your Eyes, seems to fully agree with them – reverse psychology at it’s best! “You know…

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    Edits for Life!

    When writing children’s books, the first draft out onto the page is wild and romping. It’s like wild horses and raging rivers, flowing all over, moving, lyrical and singing in some areas, but clogged with log jams in others. The craft of writing comes in the edit. Rules for writing are abundant. Too many words. Remove adverbs. Too much description. No passive voice. Show don’t tell. Too black. Too white. Put the hook on the first page. Active verbs. Where’s the twist? Too much backstory . . . It can be overwhelming. The rules are GOOD when applied well. They clarify your story bringing out the very best. But if…