• Aunty Lulav Favorites,  Book

    The Garden The Curtain and the Cross

    This is an INCREDIBLE book!!! The Garden, The Curtain and The Cross covers mankind’s COMPLETE journey from the Garden, through the Fall, through Temple Worship, the birth of Jesus and then the Cross. But that’s not the end! Laferton brings us back around through the Resurrection and the opening of Heaven for all who respond to the invitation from Jesus. WOW!  Truly a TON of theology is simply packaged, not compromised, and presented to us as a gift, all in 818 words! How can you explain the cross in a way that a child can understand it without fear? What about Sin or Eden? Laferton handles such huge and complex…

  • Aunty Lulav Favorites,  Book

    Jesus is Risen!

    An awesome Pop-Up Book that picks up ‘The Story of Easter,’ on the morning of the third day as the women approach the tomb to anoint Jesus. Seven pop-up scenes take us all the way through the Ascension and Pentecost. Jesus is Risen inspires Believers to take the Good News about Jesus into the whole world.

  • Book

    Easter Love Letters from God

    This is one of the “Love Letters from God” series by Glenys Nellist. This Easter version of Love Letters is a traditional telling of the Easter Week Events. Easter Love Letters from God is cleverly written in 7 scenes with a lift-the-flap love letter from God included with each scene. You can even personalize the love letters, addressing them to your child. Each letter gives “God’s take” on what happened in that Holy week event. One lovely feature is the last page provides an opportunity for your child to respond to God with their very own love letter. This book is flexible, in that instead of one continuous retelling of…

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    Thankful is a gentle, lilting book in simple rhyme moving us through the day of a happy family. The girl and her little brother play dress up, tend the garden, and play in the stream.  Each activity highlights something for which to be thankful: “The poet is thankful for words that rhyme. The children for morning story time.” The family members play various roles. We see Mom reading stories to the kids, keeping bees and teaching them how to sew. Dad cooks dinner and joins in the queen’s tea party. In the end, we discover the thing for which to be most thankful is – each other.

  • Book,  Oldie But Goodies

    Room for a Little One

    Room for a Little One is one small slice of the Christmas story. A slow and gentle book, it is perfect for cuddling up to read.  One moment builds upon another until the stable is full of friends and Jesus is born. On a cold night, Old Dog peers inside a stable looking for a safe place to rest. Kind Ox who lives in the stable, invites him in, as there is “always room for a little one.”  Stray Cat and Small Mouse also come looking for warmth and safety. Each time, they are invited in to rest. The natural enemies promises no harm, only friendship. They all cuddle up…