• Book,  Oldie But Goodies

    Room for a Little One

    Room for a Little One is one small slice of the Christmas story. A slow and gentle book, it is perfect for cuddling up to read.  One moment builds upon another until the stable is full of friends and Jesus is born. On a cold night, Old Dog peers inside a stable looking for a safe place to rest. Kind Ox who lives in the stable, invites him in, as there is “always room for a little one.”  Stray Cat and Small Mouse also come looking for warmth and safety. Each time, they are invited in to rest. The natural enemies promises no harm, only friendship. They all cuddle up…

  • Book

    Miracle Man

    The first description that comes to mind is Living Word! With incredible creativity and tenderness toward the heart of Jesus’ ministry in the earth, John Hendrix creates a visual masterpiece.   The Words themselves work their way through the illustrations conveying meaning and creating a flow fitting for each scene.  This is an incredible book for an elementary-aged child who will enjoy the words becoming the illustrations.  Hendrix does retell the stories of the miracles in his own words, not using direct quotations. If this bothers you, that might be a pause.  This book creates a lot of room for dialogue with older children, contemplating the meaning of Jesus’ life…

  • Aunty Lulav Favorites,  Book

    The Storm that Stopped

    Another GEM in the series: “A True Story About Who Jesus Really Is” After surviving a great storm on the Sea of Galilea, the 12 disciples dare to ask the question: “Who is Jesus?” Mark 4 Alison Mitchell has the creative gift of retelling a story and relating deep spiritual truth, so a child can understand. The rhythm of the text builds excitement to the point of crisis as the boat is sinking in the mighty storm. She brings to light that the trip across the Sea of Galilea was really intended as a moment of teaching for the disciples so they could understand: “Who is this man that the…

  • Book

    When God Made Light

    This book is a celebration of light and the God Who created it. The sunshine, stars, moon and even the light inside of each of us, fill the pages with wonder. A whimsical rhyme carries us along throughout the day of a creative little girl and her baby sister. HALLELUJAH!This book is out in the general market place.  In fact, I was in Target the first time I found it. It is reaching out to a wide audience, opening up the conversation about the God of the scriptures and the light He created.