• Aunty Lulav Favorites,  Book

    Miss Lina’s Ballerinas

    Grace Maccarone spins a lovely tale of a Ballet school in Messina where 8 little ballerinas dance through the day in four lines of two. Everything is just as it should be, until Miss Lina introduces a new student, Regina.  Now, no longer eight but nine, the dance is not so graceful as the girls try to incorporate a new friend into their dance. After a bit of adjustment, they solve the problem and Regina fits in perfectly, in a mathematical way.   (Not giving away the secret!) Oh the JOY, JOY, JOY of a perfect rhyme in perfect time!!!  The “read aloud” factor of this book is 10+ for…

  • Book

    Little Blue Truck’s Springtime

    Is there anyone out there who does not love a Lift-The-Flap book?  Little Blue Truck takes us on another adventure of a springtime ride through the countryside. His good friend Toad is driving, greeting friends and neighbors. This is a sturdy Board Book with eight scenes and a rhyming, simple text. Toad drives Little Blue, as they greet their friends Sheep, and Cow, and Bunny and Hen. Each of their friends have a spring time surprise to share, babies born to every one. As Toad and Little Blue drive along, they are joined one by one by other toad friends, wearing flower crowns and filling the cargo bed with flowers.…

  • Oldie But Goodies


    This is a gentle story of a little girl reflecting on the wonder of snow. Snow comes in many ways, like the soft snow that comes while you sleep or the type with fat and cheerful snowflakes that sends you home from school. We follow her through early dismissal from school, to playing and making snow angels with friends and catching snowflakes on their tongues. Cynthia Rylant’s text is soft and lilting, just like the floating snowflakes themselves. Unique and rhythmic, if you are quiet, you can feel the snowy moments as you read. There is a wistfulness in the text as Rylant compares snow to life. Nothing lasts forever…

  • Oldie But Goodies

    All You Need for a Snowman

    I LOVE this book. A loose and lyrical rhyme weaves its way through the process and the magic of building a snowman. A neighborhood of children come together in a wintry wonderland to build a giant friend. Everyone helps and the struggle is real. This snowman is huge! This is a great book for teaching sequential thinking. It literally is a step-by-step guide to what you need to do and have, to build a snowman.